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Sam Love is a writer living in New Bern, NC. As a media producer he produced award winning media for corporations, non-profits and government agencies. He specialized in helping groups tell their stories in innovative ways. He now spends his time writing poetry, teaching yoga and restoring a historic house. Previously his non-fiction articles appeared in major magazines including Smithsonian, Washingtonian and the Progressive.

Sam's New Poetry Book Awakening: Musings on Planetary Survival

Awakening: Musings on Planetary Survival is being released by England's Fly on the Wall Press in March of 2020. The poetry chapbook is a collection of environmental poems by Sam Love. The book has been nominated for England's prestigious Laurel Prize for a collection of eco and nature poems.

The subjects range from meditations on Mother Earth to the changes in migratory patterns caused by climate change. Far from a doom and gloom autopsy of the contemporary environmental crisis, Awakening has some fun with everything from imagining the craziness of shipping bottled water 6,000 miles to how bacteria evolving for a counterattack must be laughing at us who think we have dominion over them.
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We are in the midst of a poetry renaissance! Weird times always seem to create a hunger for poets to craft poems that cut through the cultural haze with observations and messages that resonate with our higher calling. Think back to the Beats and their response to the culturally up tight 50's.

To hear some of Sam's poems click on the button below.
Sam's children's book:
My Little Plastic Bag is available
in English and Spanish

Let's educate children about the calamity of plastic getting into our inland waters and oceans
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