Sam Love

Featured Poem -- Velcro Dog
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Velcro Dog

With great literary flourish
the ads for rescue dogs
help abandoned, lonely pets
find a human forever home
as if any of us lasts forever

Redford, a mixed something
or other, becomes a big handsome boy
who is the perfect mate for Sasha,
an elegant lady with a gentle personality

Clarence, the velcro dog,
will stick to your side
and Rusty, the stray, could
become your forever friend
and follow you anywhere

Human eligibles on computer dating sites
could learn a lot from the dog ads
where a chunky girl with a soft coat
is transformed into a snuggle companion
who isn’t very demanding

And an aging male becomes
the pick of the pack who is over
his puppy stuff and ready to
crawl under the covers
on days he is up for it

Note: We’ve rescued several dogs and I regularly read the ads from the animal rescue groups. Every descriptive phrase in this poem came from an actual dog ad.

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