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"I generally find contemporary poetry pretentious, and opaque but Sam Love's poems are lucid and provocative. Love writes beautifully of environmental shame and hope."
—Denis Hayes, President of the Bullitt Foundation and National Coordinator of the first Earth Day in 1970
Watch Sam Love read from his new book Earth Resonance.

Listen to contemporary poets
trumpet warnings of:
global warming,
stronger hurricanes,
Increased forest fires,
and beaches so hot
mollusks cook in their shells.

May this voicing of our survival instinct
resonate like the expanding volume
in the conch shell and awaken the masses.

From Golden Spiral, the title poem

The accessible poems of Earth Resonance do not simply bemoan the state of melting glaciers, stranded polar bears, or sizzling temperatures, but instead give the reader an in-depth autopsy of our culture's footprint on the natural world with introspection and a dash of humor.