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Sam Love is a writer living in New Bern, NC. As a media producer he produced award winning media for corporations, non-profits and government agencies. He specialized in helping groups tell their stories in innovative ways. He now spends his time writing poetry, teaching yoga and restoring a historic house. Previously his non-fiction articles appeared in major magazines including Smithsonian, Washingtonian and the Progressive.

"Sam Love's observations are keen and informed by good science and searing honesty. The reader keeps engaged because Love is a very witty guy and a good poet."

--Gus Speth, author of
America the Possible and former Dean, Yale School of the Environment, former Chair of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality and published poet.

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Let's educate children about the calamity of plastic
getting into our inland waters and oceans

Sam's illustrated children's book:
My Little Plastic Bag is available
in English and Spanish

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The escapades of the colorful characters in Electric Honey provide a front row seat to the cultural clash which rocked the country in the 1960's and sowed the seeds of today's conservative backlash. A joke by a small group of university pranksters triggers a war between the students and an aging right winger who needs a cause to breathe life into both his struggling conservative organization and his failing love life.